Khimagro. company was established in 2014 by bringing together the leading experts of the agrochemical market into a strong team.

The main goal of the company Khimagro. is to increase the soil fertility of farms through the reasonable bring in of mineral fertilizers, liquid complex fertilizers UAN of different types.

Khimagro. company cooperates with fertilizer producers, fertilizer importers, trading companies in order to provide the best prices, high quality and a very wide selection of fertilizers for the end user.

Khimagro. company has its own base for off-season storage, packing and transshipment of mineral fertilizers, liquid complex fertilizers UAN of various brands. In addition, the company supplies mineral fertilizers by railway throughout Ukraine.

Khimagro. company has a wide client base and a flexible sales system for mineral fertilizers, which primarily takes into account the interest of the end consumer in terms of price, quality, payment terms, storage and delivery of fertilizers to the farm.

Khimagro. company is open for cooperation with manufacturers, importers and suppliers of mineral fertilizers.

Fertility to your land!