Trading company in the market of fertilizers

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      COMPANY WITH LIMITED SHARES "HIMAGRO." is engaged in the sale of mineral fertilizers. The company provides a wide range of high quality mineral fertilizers for intensive farming and assures the needs of Ukrainian farmers in the enrichment of agricultural land.

      It's difficult to imagine modern agriculture without applying of mineral fertilizers that are the source of nutrients for plants and improvement properties, as well as soil characteristics. Fertilizers are the most effective means of increasing soil fertility, yield and improving the quality of crop production. Introducing fertilizers you was able to manage the processes of plant nutrition and radically change the quality of your crop. A wide range and good quality of products, flexible commercial offers, individual approach and orientation to the needs of each client are the main principles of our work. Understanding the market situation allows us to satisfy the requirements and expectations of consumers on time and in full. Our sales managers are professionals who communicate with the farms in one language and can provide competent advice on various aspects on the application of fertilizers.

     "HIMAGRO." LTD has established itself as a reliable and financially stable partner, timely responsible for the obligations assumed. It is important for us to provide our customers with high-quality products at the most reasonable prices, and for this we cooperate with the leading plants - producers of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. In the matter of choosing fertilizer suppliers, our company is guided first and foremost by the issue of quality. Here you can find the full range of complicated and complex mineral fertilizers presented in the Ukrainian market. We recommend only those fertilizers that meet the requirements of the state standard and are certified. Shipment of the finished products is carried out in road and rail transport in bulk, or in packages: valve bags of 50 kg, big-bags 800-1000 kg, we also offer the supply of fertilizer containers. The goods are packed and labeled in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The client base includes hundreds of enterprises of the agro industrial complex. Our partners are dozens of companies, with each of whom we are friendly and support good relations. In the property of the company and on lease we have warehouses, which gives us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently ship products in accordance with customer requests. Well-established systems of reservation of goods, large stocks in warehouses, experience of wholesale and retail sales, and as well as established traditions, easily allow us to work efficiently and favorably differ from competitors - punctuality and quality of service by our highly qualified specialists. In addition, we will always consider your offers in order to establish business relations on a mutually beneficial basis. Collaborating with us, you can count on an effective and reliable solution of your questions with certainty, you will having significant competitive advantages in the market and in the field.